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La Luz's Floating Features out now! Watch new "Mean Dream" video

After months of anticipation, La Luz’s lush, lysergic new album Floating Features is finally out today. Shot through with rays of smoggy LA sunshine, the record navigates disorienting dreamscapes throughout its 11 impeccable tracks–particularly “Mean Dream,” which has a new music video from director Ryan D. Browne that premiered ...

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Watch La Luz's new video for "The Creature"; European tour announced

Floating Features, the new album from La Luz (out May 11th), is a dazzling collection of songs inspired by the surreal and dreamlike atmosphere of Los Angeles, so it’s fitting that director Vice Cooler’s music video for “The Creature” dips a toe (or perhaps a black-gloved finger) into some unsettling, semi-Lynchian waters. Today ...

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Listen to "California Finally," another new song from La Luz

Credit: Chona Kasinger

Just in time for what’s certain to be a very busy SXSW for La Luz, the Los Angeles band is teasing out more music from their highly-anticipated new album Floating Features. “California Finally”–the band’s tribute to the “weird golden paradise” they call home–premiered this morning via BUST Magazine. See below for a massive list of just-announced...

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Announcing La Luz's Floating Features, out 5/11/18

Credit: Vikesh Kapoor

Hardly Art is pleased to announce the return of L.A. shredders La Luz, whose new album Floating Features will arrive on LP, CD, digital, and cassette Friday, May 11th. Propulsive first single “Cicada” offers a taste of Floating Features’ blissed-out hi-fi sound–stream it now and click the link above to watch director Ryan D. Browne’s soap opera-...

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