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Watch out world, it's a SALE!

Grey skies got you feeling glum? Endless amounts of snow and wind and looming autocracies bringing you down? Well we at Hardly Art HQ are pleased to report that we aim to fix all problems of the modern world by hosting the first-ever sale in our highly-rated digital web shoppe emporium. See for yourself! Create your own soundtrack for the end ti...

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Shop alert ahoy! Place orders by Dec 19

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Gentle readers, it is with no small conviction that we are just as ready to be done with 2016 as you are. In that spirit, we will be closing down our warehouse for inventory starting on December 21. What this means for you is that should you desire to order something from our much-esteemed web shoppe emporium (Steak Crotch Tee, anyone?) and have...

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