Versing Share New Single "Offering"; 10000 Out May 3rd

Seattle group Versing's Hardly Art full-length debut 10000 will be available on LP/CD/Cassette and Digitally on May 3rd. Following the release of their debut single “Tethered” comes the latest immersive, pummeling single “Offering,” which evokes those twin pillars of 1988 rock: My Bloody Valentine's woozy sound and The Clean's shimmering pop. “I just really enjoy that droning line of guitar feedback,” says the band's frontman Daniel Salas. “We use a lot of feedback on our songs, but I think that's one of the more deliberately musical uses we've found for it. It's sort of a fantastical song about traveling through a mystical portal to stop an encroaching force of evil, and the feedback is like the whirring sound the portal makes.” You can listen here to this ripper premiered today at Paste.

You can pre-order the record via our minimart. The first LP pressing will be available on limited ash-colored vinyl. CD’s & LP’s include a digital download, available on release day.

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