Hardly Art

The founding members of Versing initially met at their college radio station in Tacoma, a port city on the Puget Sound. When the trio’s short-lived garage band—whose repertoire included what they refer to as “a mean Boyracer cover”—went kaput, they added a fourth member, shuffled some instrumental duties, rechristened themselves Versing, and relocated to Seattle.

Now consisting of Daniel Salas on vocals and guitar, Graham Baker on guitar, Kirby Lochner on bass, and Max Keyes on drums, Versing quickly became one of the foremost fixtures of the city’s underground scene, known for crafting music that was as heady as it was headbang-worthy.

Recorded entirely over the course of one evening, “Silver Dollar” imagines the fallout of a hit-and-run, with the culprit leveraging their social status to avoid justice for their actions. The single is their Hardly Art debut and follows 2017’s full-length Nirvana and 2016’s Nude Descending EP.