La Luz share the official video for “The Pines” off their forthcoming self-titled album available October 22nd worldwide from Hardly Art

On October 22nd, Hardly Art will release the self-titled album from La Luz. Recorded at Linear Labs Studio in Los Angeles with the help of Adrian Younge, La Luz fearlessly launch themselves into a new realm of emotional intimacy with a collection of songs steeped in the mysteries of the natural world and the magic of human chemistry that has found manifestation in the musical ESP between guitarist and songwriter Shana Cleveland, bassist Lena Simon, and keyboardist Alice Sandal. On the heels of their previously released singles “In The Country” and “Watching Cartoons” comes a new video for their latest song, “The Pines.” Directed by Hamilton Boyce, this karaoke-inspired romp is set at a neighborhood dive bar, The Pines, and features the band singing, dancing, and... surprise! more singing! You can watch the group’s new video by clicking here.

La Luz international headlining dates in support of their self-titled record for the US, UK, and EU have been announced. For a full list of shows click here. 

What people are saying about La Luz: 

“The song is a rich, expansive bit of spaced-out surf rock with a serene refrain...“ [In The Country] - Rolling Stone 

"La Luz create a vibrant and balmy atmosphere on “In The Country”, with warm guitars and Cleveland’s tender vocal. The fuzzy and chirping electronic additions do indeed sound something like cicadas in the nearby trees – or perhaps something further flung like intercepted alien broadcasts. Either way, La Luz are settling back, pushing aside any obligations, and taking it all in, purely enjoying being “In The Country” – and with this song they invite us to join them in repose and enjoy the summer air." [“In The Country”] - Beats Per Minute  

"La Luz’s new single “In The Country” is an extremely cool piece of spectral, shimmering folk-rock. It’s full of eerie, layered harmonies and reverb-drenched surf-guitar notes, and it absolutely nails its out-of-time pop-psychedelia sound." [“In The Country”] -  Stereogum

"Short and snappy, La Luz lean on their psych pop impulses. . ." [“In The Country”] - CLASH

"Known for reverb-heavy guitar licks, a tasteful deployment of dynamics and singular harmonies––a range of emotive “oohs” and “ahhs” that vacillate between haunting melancholy and revelrous mirth––the band (Shana Cleveland-guitar, Lena Simon-bass, Alice Sandahl-keys) has crafted a lush, earthy and undeniably psychedelic collection of songs for La Luz. And the record is also the band’s most personal." [“Watching Cartoons”] - WJCT

La Luz



1. In the Country

2. The Pines

3. Watching Cartoons

4. Oh, Blue

5. Goodbye Ghost

6. Yuba Rot

7. Metal Man

8. Lazy Eyes and Dune

9. Down the Street

10. I Won’t Hesitate

11. Here on Earth

12. Spider House

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