IAN SWEET Shares Third Single from Crush Crusher, "Holographic Jesus"

IAN SWEET, the project of LA's Jilian Medford, has released "Holographic Jesus," the third and final single from her anticipated new album, Crush CrusherThe song tackles many of the album's central themes, like the internalized pressure to become a caretaker in close friends' lives. 

Of the song, Medford says "'Holographic Jesus' is a song based around collecting holographic Jesus posters from various Bodegas and dollar stores while living in Brooklyn. I am in no way religious but I hung them up all over my room and was constantly finding the nuances and idiosyncrasies of each one. You could turn your head the slightest and see an entirely different image reflected. I felt connected to that idea. Some people collect ceramic frogs or action figures but I collect holographic Jesus posters. This song is about the things I went through in that room while these posters were so to speak 'watching over me.'"

Additionally, IAN SWEET has announced a full US tour with Young Jesus and Sean Henry that kicks off in LA this month with a record release show at the Lodge Room in Highland Park. Click here for a full list of dates. Crush Crusher is available for pre-order now and due out October 26th.

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