Hear Nana Lourdes “Benighted Enlightened”

You can now hear “Benighted Enlightened,” the new single from Portuguese songwriter/producer Nana Lourdes, and her contribution to the Hardly Art Singles Series.
As an only child living in a town of fewer than 800 people located in the middle of nowhere Portugal, Lourdes, aka Adriana Caldas de Barros, found solace in obsessing over the process of music making. She taught herself how to write, produce, record, and mix while shuffling between her parents’ living room and her late great-grandma’s bedroom. Influenced by music from the early 00’s, such as Britney Spears, Gwen Stefani and that one LeAnn Rimes song, Nana writes songs for all of her celebrity girlfriends.
Lourdes offers this on the song, “I wrote this song years ago so I don’t really specifically remember what I was going through anymore (but probs nothing major??). I believe I was trying to come to terms with the fact that I’m always going to be two halves being pulled in extremely opposite directions. It can be pretty unbearable and very distracting at times but it’s all about balance!”

About the Hardly Art Singles Series:
2022 marks 15 years of Hardly Art and 15 years of sharing music we love from artists we love. From The Duchess and the Duke to Hunx and His Punx to Protomartyr to La Luz to My Idea, we’ve been lucky to be the label home for some of our favorite artists from the past 15 years. In the spirit of continuing the legacy, we’re unbelievably stoked to launch Hardly Art 15. Over the course of the year we’ll share 15 new singles from 15 of our favorite artists that we think should be your favorite artists too.
Hear Hardly Art Singles Series contributions from Nana Lourdes, Marbled Eye, ill peach, Hushpuppy, and more through our singles series playlist on Spotify.

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