Hardly Art's Secular Sales Jamboree 2020: 20% Off Orders Totaling $25, Free Domestic Shipping on Orders Over $50

What a year, huh? Let’s end it on a high note! Here at Hardly Art we’re (figuratively) kissing this year goodbye with our 2020 Secular Sales Jamboree! Starting Friday, November 27th through January 3rd we're offering 20% off of orders totaling $25 or more PLUS free domestic shipping on orders over $50. Whoa!

In desperate need of a laugh? Whitmer Thomas’ Songs from The Golden One will have you splitting at the seams. Looking to rock? Girl Friday’s Androgynous Mary is a force to be reckoned with. Wondering wtf a flexi disc is? Order your copy of Lala Lala and Baths’ € € € €^^%%!!!!!heaven!!!!!! to see for yourself. And, of course, we have an assortment of apparel and “other stuff” available for your consideration.

All orders placed by December 13th are guaranteed to ship out before we close up shop for the year, so get your orders in early and often.  Related to this impending warehouse closure, any orders placed between December 14th and January 3rd will not ship out until after we are back in operation on January 4th.

Thank you for your continued support, now get shopping!

With love,
Hardly Art

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