Hear Raavi’s “No Bodies” The Brooklyn Band’s Contribution To Hardly Art’s 15th Anniversary Singles Series

You can now listen to Raavi’s “No Bodies,” their new song and contribution to Hardly Art’s 15th Anniversary Singles Series.
Formed in 2017 under the moniker Raavi & the Houseplants, Raavi is fronted by queer-desi songwriter Raavi Sita. The band blossomed in the Boston DIY scene before heading to Brooklyn to work on their latest project, It Grows on Trees. The EP was born from the trials of pandemic life; two years of worldly idleness left Sita with only a handful of songs to express and cope with enormous upheaval. Fleshed out with the rest of the band - James Duncan on bass, Jason Block on drums, and producer Justin Termotto - It Grows on Trees was the turn of a new leaf for Raavi. With Ruben Radlauer (Model/Actriz & Dirt Buyer) co-engineering and mixing the record, the band found their stride and ran with it. Raavi is currently working on material for an upcoming release due out sometime in 2023.
"Raavi offers this on “No Bodies,” “The song is about the stress of likability and measuring one’s own worth. It speaks to that little fear in your head: ‘if I’m giving everything to this music career (or whatever), and I’m not succeeding, then where am I? And what even is success?’  The track was made while preparing the release for the last EP and I was feeling the weight of putting music into the world and hoping people would like it. As you climb to the top of one ladder, you realize you’re just at the bottom of another. And even with the knowledge that ‘success’ isn’t linear, it’s still incredibly difficult to recognize where you are on your own path.”

About the Hardly Art Singles Series:
2022 marks 15 years of Hardly Art and 15 years of sharing music we love from artists we love. From The Duchess and the Duke to Hunx and His Punx to Protomartyr to La Luz to My Idea, we’ve been lucky to be the label home for some of our favorite artists from the past 15 years. In the spirit of continuing the legacy, we’re unbelievably stoked to launch Hardly Art 15. Over the course of the year we’ll share 15 new singles from 15 of our favorite artists that we think should be your favorite artists too.
Hear Hardly Art Singles Series contributions from Raavi, Dougie Stu, Bloomsday, Advertisement, Chong The Nomad & Maiah Manser tofusmell, annonXL, Nana Lourdes, Marbled Eye, ill peach, Hushpuppy, and more through our singles series playlist on Spotify.


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