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Label: Hardly Art
Catalog #: HAR-170

Forming after a stint at SkinWalker Ranch in Gusher, UT, the grit-pop duo comprised of members Jess Corazza and Pat Morrissey fuse together experimental sounds with ethereal vocals. They’re enamored in future tech melding with art, yet they also place moments of nostalgia and snippets of everyday life in their tracks.

Jess says "’HEAVYWEIGHT’ feels like when you have an extra 100 pounds on your back; the heaviest of heavy. It’s an attempt to shed those layers and come to feel the lightness. We’ve had a very hard year with grief and a lot of pain and this is about the tumultuous journey of healing.  Using art and putting these stories into music has been a powerful tool for that.  We’re just after making things that can be deeply felt.  This one is definitely a gut punch.  We wrote it with one of our favorite people to write with, Steph Jones. It might be our personal favorite right now.  I think the song has provided all of us with a cathartic release. You have to sit in the heaviness first to reach the joy. And also a good cry."

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