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Label: Hardly Art
Catalog #: HAR-153

Doug Stuart is a producer, composer, and session musician based out of Los Angeles. His debut album, Familiar Future, was released on Ropeadope Records in the fall of 2020 and featured guitarist Jeff Parker in the context of Stuart’s compositions, production, and arrangements. He co-writes and produces as part of the electronic indie duo, Brijean, along with Brijean Murphy. The duo has several releases on Ghostly International. In addition to producing and playing on records for many other artists, Stuart also composes music for the NPR podcasts Snap Judgment and Spooked 

Doug says of the track, “This song started from a voice memo that I recorded on our patio one morning. It was just a few chords on acoustic guitar with some birds and kids laughing in the background (heard near the end of the song), but I liked the forward momentum that the rhythm and chords implied. I abstracted and expanded the orchestration of this little idea and came up with the bulk of what is heard in the song, “Silhouettes”. Near the end of the process, the song really came to life when I recorded my friend Kosta Galanopoulos playing drums and my partner Brijean Murphy playing percussion over it. The two vignettes that are heard in the very beginning and end of the song were lucky finds from some OP1 experiments that I recorded onto the cassette which was used to master the song.”

About the Hardly Art Singles Series:

2022 marks 15 years of Hardly Art and 15 years of sharing music we love from artists we love. From The Duchess and the Duke to Hunx and His Punx to Protomartyr to La Luz to My Idea, we’ve been lucky to be the label home for some of our favorite artists from the past 15 years. In the spirit of continuing the legacy, we’re unbelievably stoked to launch Hardly Art 15. Over the course of the year we’ll share 15 new singles from 15 of our favorite artists that we think should be your favorite artists too.

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