Hardly Art

Lessons in the Woods or a City is presented as a series of lessons. Lessons that present a lesson that presents a lesson - in a lesson. A series of abstractions for the senses. A sound shaped for an ear which suggest a thought. A thought for a vehicle in a vehicle in a vehicle. Presented by fish on a circle to fish on a circle - as they change through a vehicle in time. Intended to take your time while you think about time. Time - A measurement. A clock - a tool in measurement - included on a CD player. 33.333 - a number - a tool in a tool in measurement - revolutions per minute- included on a record player. Tools used in the summer, fall, winter, or spring- tools explaining a revolution - a year - in a revolution in a revolution.


What is a number? What is a symbol? What is a language? What is an eye? Why is this writing on this page? How is this relevant to Talbot Tagora? What is relevant to this writing? Where are the roots between the writing on this page and Talbot Tagora? Where is the root? What is the root? This is our question and this is why we do our Ichthus hop. Through a vehicle on this page. On a plastic compact disc. On both sides of a circle-shaped piece of vinyl. Through an internet. Through sound-patterns. Through the rules of pop-music. This is why we throw this album into the river on July 21 st.


This is only a group of words-

The vehicle of thought and action on this page-

And we know them.

And we say them.

And we are allowed to say them.

We know the symbols that spell out


Even when we’re not thinking about the root-

Even when we almost forget our own relevance-

A theme relating to a theme relating to a theme in…

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Birth. Beginning. Front. Document. Documentary. Homework. Html. Regular people. Free-thinkers. English. Fish. Math. Dollar-bill. Boat. Schizoid. America. Ear. Science. Root. Torridge. Song. Flame. God. Shrink-wrap. Stereo. Toothpaste. Disease. Purse. Worker. Philosophy. Words. Boyfriend. Enemy. Girlfriend. President. Order. Food. Pyramid. Car. Shoes. Wind. Homosexual. Animal. Vegetarian. Clock. Infant. Condom. Magazine. Radio. Pixels. Religion. Mouth. Blog. Band. Artist. Felon. Murderer. 2009. War. Theme. Element.

Territory. Structure. Paint. Mask. Celebrity. Actor. River. Vein. Name. Vehicle. Biography. Leader. Connection. Collective. Lesson. Cult. Mispelling. Game. Circle. Number. Triangle. Instrument. Piano. Magic. Season. Eye. Spider-Web. Human. Gravity. Spanish. Middle. Median. Equator. Creole. Relevance. Entertainment. White. Television. Legal. Skin. Computer. Old-Fashion. Entrepreneur. Student. Business. Wood. Plastic. Nerve. Order. Space. Age. Alcohol. Husband. House. Picture. Helium. Lamp. Art. Bathtub. Paragraph. Constellation. Book. Color. Erase.

Blood. Pimple. Plague. Candle. Fruit. Adult. Concrete. Weapon. Shop. Boss. Clothes. Chief. Hospital. Medicine. Police. Society. Wife. Photograph. Time. Restriction. Auto-Biography. Brain. Hole. Angel. Body. Egg. Ghost. Story. Nose. Class. Symbol. Octave. Black. Mold. Hair. Law. Sentence.

The living. Orgasm. The dead. Limit. Excess. Direction. Lady. Mind. Genitals. Man. Puzzle. Sugar. Drug. Bottle. Seed. Bling. Pet. Bondage. Decoration. Tunnel. Bridge. Land. Program. Window. Metaphor. Projector. Flag. Planet. Eskemble. Chemical. Sentence. Circle. Connect-the-dots. Back. End. Death.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Keeping this in mind…

Talbot Tagora is a 3-person project from Seattle who create and produce art and non-fiction:

Mark Greshowak - Guitar/ Bass/Sing

Ani Ricci - Drums

Chris Ando - Guitar/Sing