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Alisa Preisler
email alisa@groundcontroltouring.com


Mark Bowen
email mark@wichita-recordings.com

EU Booking

Matthew Cooper
email matthew.cooper@13artists.com

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Promotional Photos
Shannonandtheclams1 Credit: Nadia Lee Cohen
Shannonandtheclams2 Credit: Nadia Lee Cohen
Shannonandtheclams3 Credit: Nadia Lee Cohen
Shannonandtheclams4 Credit: Wenzdai Morgan
Shannonandtheclams5 Credit: Wenzdai Morgan
Shannonandtheclams6 Credit: Wenzdai Morgan
Cover Art
Shannonandtheclamscover Gone by the Dawn
13003 Dreams in the Rat House
Clams gremlins Gremlins Crawl

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