Hardly Art

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David Price
email david@votiv.is

US Booking

Tom Linden
email tom.linden@artistgrp.com

EU Booking

Sally Dunstone
email Sally@xraytouring.com

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Promotional Photos
Dude york 2018 6 Credit: Sofi Lee
Dudeyork1 sofilee Credit: Sofi Lee
Dudeyork2 sofilee Credit: Sofi Lee
Dudeyork3 sofilee Credit: Sofi Lee
Dudeyork4 sofilee Credit: Sofi Lee
Dudeyork1 Credit: Sam Gehrke
Dudeyork2 Credit: Sam Gehrke
Dudeyork3 Credit: Sam Gehrke
Dudeyork4 Credit: Sam Gehrke
Dudeyork holiday1
Cover Art
Dudeyork happyinthemeantime 3000 Happy in the Meantime EP
Dude york halftime Halftime for the Holidays
Dudeyork lp1 Sincerely
Dehumanize art 1024x1024 Dehumanize

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